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Khabib Nurmagamedov Has Explained Exactly What Caused Him to Charge Dillon Danis at UFC 229 Last Weekend…

Usually, Khabib Nurmagamedov shows a lot of class. He believes in showing equal respect to his opponent, regardless of their ability in the octagon. At UFC 229 we saw a different side of a man who is usually impervious to emotional abuse and trash talk.

Overcome with emotion after beating Conor McGregor in a dominant display, and consolidating his status as the undisputed champion with an immaculate record of 27-0, Khabib was allegedly verbally abused by Dillon Danis. Whatever Danis is supposed to have said, it triggered Khabib, who went feet first off the cage fence at the New York native.

Now Khabib has opened up and explained just exactly what caused him to fly into such an uncharacteristic rage. Back home in his native Russia, he has revealed the emotions and anger that drove him to such drastic measures.


Khabib made it clear that every man has a breaking point and that Danis pushed his to the limit. The Russian explained exactly how he felt, from beginning to end, including one of the most incredible analogies we’ve ever heard any MMA fighter use.

“I prayed to God for one thing, to be left alone in the cage with this clown,” Nurmagomedov said, courtesy of RT. “I asked him this every day, I prayed that we would have no injuries, that we would make weight, and regain our strength, and finally be locked in that cage.”

“Because a lot was said outside that cage, and I said that once that octagon door is shut, I am not responsible for my actions.”The first thing I wanted to show him, is the difference between our people, and his people. We know our history, our ancestors, and what our people have been through. Nothing can break us. And with what happened afterwards, some people say I did the wrong thing, others that I did the right thing. You can’t confine an eagle to a cage. And I showed them that.”


Meanwhile, Dillon Danis has responded to the allegations that he insulted Khabib’s religion. He adamantly denies it and issued a statement in clear defiance. He said in an Instagram story:

“Khabib Nurmagomedov’s fans are attempting to smear me in an effort to justify his actions.

“I have never and would never denigrate anyone’s religion. I look forward to the results of the Nevada State Athletic Commission investigation which will reject this bulls**t claim and put the blame where it belongs.”

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What Next?

Khabib still has not been paid his $3 million purse for UFC 229. It’s being withheld pending an investigation. However, it has been confirmed that he will not be stripped of his title. Frankly, the UFC had no choice in the matter. With someone so dominant, who has just beaten the golden boy of the organization, it would have made the lightweight division a hollow, laughing stock.

It’s Khabib time. He’s already demanded a record purse to fight Conor McGregor in a rematch. It remains to be seen whether or not that fight will happen.

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