One of the greatest UFC fighters of all time, Anderson Silva has been recently cut from the UFC due to being old and was just hard to watch him fight. He looked slow and was brutally knocked out by Uriah Hall. He is scheduled to face Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. on June 19, 2021.

In his prime, Silva was thought to be invincible. No one could touch him and he was just levels above his competitors. He had a really long reign and because he was too good he had to move up his weight division to find other competition. That is how good Silva was in his prime.

Then father time caught up, he was then brutally knocked out by Chris Weidman. It then made sense for the UFC to grant him an immediate rematch given his accomplishments. Unfortunately his leg broke after throwing a leg kick and that was the end of the Spider’s prime career.

After being cut from the UFC, Silva decided to retire from the sport of MMA for good. He then made a deal to fight Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Just from the name, most boxing fans know how great his father was.  Unfortunately his son did not live up to the hype that his father left.

As for the betting odds, Chavez Jr is coming in as a heavy favorite which is pretty obvious. Chavez Jr has been boxing his whole life and Silva is a retired MMA fighter. Yes, Silva is a striking specialist but boxing is different from MMA. The gloves and rules are different.

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