Oscar De La Hoya vs Vitor Belfort booked for an exhibition match

This is a type of boxing fight no one saw coming. One of the boxing greats, Oscar De La Hoya is set to face former UFC champion, Vitor Belfort in a boxing exhibition match. De La Hoya has said that he still stayed in shape despite retired for quite a while.

The fight will be on a Triller Card. For those who don’t know Triller was the card that promoted Tyson vs Jones and Paul vs Askren card. It is headed by Ryan Kavanaugh. Although UFC President Dana White has said that the promotion is shady and that their numbers are false.

De La Hoya is considered by many as one of the greatest Mexican boxers of all-time. The problem is De La Hoya’s antics outside of the boxing ring, he had records with drugs and alcohol issues. De La Hoya also has a bad relationship with Canelo, who he promoted during Canelo’s rise.

Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Now he is set to face Vitor Belfort who was cut from the UFC back in 2018. Belfort is an MMA legend and one of the pioneers in the sport. He had great moments in his prime but to face De La Hoya in a boxing match would be a disaster.

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