Conor McGregor Tweets and Deletes Reaction to Bellator 187 Brawl

“The Notorious” Conor McGregor may be one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time. But no one is safe from the old Tweet and Delete. McGregor, the reigning UFC Lightweight Champion, figured in a viral video just recently, when he stormed the cage at Bellator 187 after a friend and teammate competed on the card.

After teammate Charlie Ward finished opponent John Redmond with a first round technical knockout, the Irishman took it upon himself to create a little bit of chaos in another display of craziness. McGregor stormed the cage, quickly grabbed Ward in celebration, and then inexplicably attacked referee Marc Goddard.

McGregor was subsequently ejected from the cage, but then he also tried to get right back in. When McGregor was denied entry, he slapped a Bellator employee in the face. What’s even more baffling is that McGregor wasn’t even a licensed cornerman for Ward. He was merely a spectator, just like everyone else.

Conor McGregor was restrained and escorted from the cage after attacking Marc Goddard, before returning to slap a commissioner in the face…

What’s McGregor’s Take on All of This? Why Did He Storm The Cage? The Tweet Has The Answer

We all know McGregor is the master of creating drama and hype, not just for his own fights apparently. But there is a point where a line is crossed and it’s just not ethical anymore, what he’s doing. And despite his explanation, it just wasn’t the right thing to do. There is a certain level of respect and honor in martial arts, which is something McGregor obviously has no care for.

The UFC Lightweight Champion’s Tweet read:

“Bloke KO’d on floor bout a minute straight and ref trying to say fights not over conor. that’s when I lost it. Fuck yous all,” McGregor said in a Tweet from his official Twitter account.

It was however instantly deleted, perhaps when he realized he wasn’t going to get the sympathy vote. To make matters worse, the opponent Redmond is saying McGregor’s cage invasion caused him to lose against Ward.

“We had a good fight in there and I think him jumping into the cage overshadowed the whole fight and the whole event,” Redmond said in an interview with MMA Fighting.

“I don’t want to piss and moan about it. I don’t want anyone taking pity on me or anything like that. I didn’t get the win, but I showed I was in charge of the fight up until that big shot at the end of the round.

“I think the fight was far from finished and all the madness that was going on in there didn’t help me getting a chance to go out for the second.”

Did Conor McGregor Take Things Too Far?

Obviously this goes without question. McGregor did go too far and he should get a harsh punishment for this. But alas, this is the business of making money. And the reason why McGregor gets away with a lot of things is because he’s the money maker. No one wants to penalize the guy who brings in the dough.

It’s crazy to think that the future of mixed martial arts rests squarely on this man’s shoulders. But they do. And for the time being, this is the kind of stuff we’re going to have to live with. As good as McGregor is, he’s a habitual line-stepper.

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