It’s been a while since we had something a little different here on Scrap Digest, so we thought it was time to scour the vast range of crazy videos on the internet to bring you something very strange.


Our bizarre featured video for the day takes us on a trip to a Chinese subway, where an apparently disrespectful youth eats water melon seeds and spits them on the floor. Obviously enraged at what he sees, the Chinese version of ‘Kick Ass’ comes flying in with a weapon.

What happens is brutal, and has taken the internet by storm in the last 24 hours. Warning, this is very NSFW:

[flowplayer id=”2728″]

It seems like what we find offensive in the Western world is a far cry from what will get you half beaten to death in the East. Do you think this was an over reaction? Bear in mind that on most Asian trains and subways, people hardly talk, let alone litter the floor and tell people to f-off.

Elsewhere in the world of viral videos, there was another notorious incident on a train, that you might find equally as shocking but for different reasons…


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