It’s finally happened, mixed martial arts has become legal in every state in the United States of America. ‘Murica has finally been engulfed by the sport we love, as New York passed the bill to legalize MMA today!


The battle had raged for years as crooked politicians like Sheldon Silver held up the passing of the bill before being jailed for taking illegal bribes. It hasn’t come easy for MMA though, and the New York Assemblymen fought tooth and nail until the death today.

Insane statements about how MMA in NYC could benefit sex offenders and was like gay porn now seem like just a bump in the road. The vote was passed, and we will now get to see mixed martial arts, predominantly the UFC in New York.


There are many well known faces in the UFC that hail from The Big Apple, and they’ve reacted to the big news today with a number of posts on social media and various outlets across the internet.

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