Youtube Sensation and Boxer, Jake Paul has been calling out a lot of UFC fighters for a potential boxing match. Most notable among the UFC was Conor Mcgregor, but Mcgregor has ignored the callouts since he is focusing on his big fight against Dustin Poirier in January.

One rumor that is actually reliable is that Ben Askren is the next potential opponent. Ben Askren even posted a video that accepts the challenge on March 28.

It is really astonishing to see Jake Paul capture a lot of attention from professional fighters. Ben Askren is looking to make one of the biggest paychecks of his career by fighting a really famous Youtuber with a huge following.

Ben Askren is opening as the early underdog in the fight since he is known to be a pure wrestler in his MMA Career. His boxing and striking skills are below average as an MMA fighter, and Jake Paul has shown to have decent boxing skills.

Ben Askren also retired from the UFC and has been inactive for a long time. He also had a hip replacement so his athleticism has now slowed down quite a bit. Funky may have bad striking but he was an undefeated champion in two MMA promotions prior to joining the UFC.

It would be a good image for the MMA sport in general if Ben Askren beats Jake Paul in the boxing match considering Askren is not known for his striking but wrestling. Another name in the mix is retired UFC fighter, Michael Bisping.

Bisping is also a former Champion but has been out of the game for a while. He only fights with one eye, and broken knees but still finds a way to win. Bisping has better striking compared to Askren but it is Jake Paul’s decision on who he fights.


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