Are you in the process of finding a good and reliable cryptocurrency exchange? We know that this is one of the first and main tasks for a beginner in this field of investment. It remains relevant in the future, as technologies are updated, and it is important to always be up to date with the latest developments. This is especially true in the field of cryptocurrencies, as much depends on how well traders follow the news and are aware of all forecasts and changes.

We conducted Analytics and collected for you the 3 best places to exchange BTC for other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is currently on a wave of growth, but many other cryptocurrencies are showing a good growth trend. It is very important to understand where and how best to exchange or buy bitcoin. So if you decide to exchange your BTC, it’s worth knowing which platform will handle it best.

Main characteristics of good exchange platforms

The safety of your funds is the main thing since it will be impossible to restore the capital if it is lost. Therefore, it is very important to carefully choose the exchange service. Here are some criteria that should be evaluated:

  • security provision (what protection tools the site uses);
  • the duration of the exchanger’s operation;
  • total number of reviews;
  • the ratio of positive and negative reviews;
  • the appearance of the exchange and the interface offered to users;
  • the amount of reserves (the more it is, the better);
  • operator response speed.

You can also use our recommendations. We have conducted extensive Analytics and compiled the top platforms that are trustworthy.

Where to exchange BTC quickly, profitably, and without risk

We have collected the top most universal exchanges where you can exchange your cryptocurrency.

#1 Coinbase

One of the most famous platforms in the world, which appeared 3 years after the release of BTC. Over the years, developers have achieved a fairly high simplicity of the interface, accessibility, and a good degree of security. Coinbase is also distinguished by the presence of a license that is valid in most of the United States and in some other regions of the world.

However, it is worth mentioning some disadvantages. There is a fairly limited number of coins available for exchange. Fees are very high, and the only way to reduce them is to upgrade to the pro version of the service. Also, to make a transaction on the exchange, you need to go through the registration procedure.


Despite the fact that Godex is a relatively new platform compared to the previous one, it nevertheless has a number of obvious advantages:

  • there is a choice of a much larger number of altcoins;
  • complete anonymity of transactions;
  • you do not leave any of your personal data;
  • some of the lowest exchange fees;
  • an affiliate program and bonuses that make you earn additional tokens;
  • currency exchange rate charts. During the exchange of coins, for example, btc to waves, you can observe the btc to waves exchange rate.

It is important to note that the Godex exchange takes the issue of security very seriously, putting this aspect in the priority of its work. It uses state-of-the-art security technologies that are constantly updated. There is no chance that your funds will be lost during the exchange or the data will go to someone else.

#3 Changelly

This platform is one of the top three exchange services. Here you can find an extensive list of currencies to exchange, high transaction speed and a large limit on transfers, low fees and a fairly high authority of the platform and developers in the market.

However, at the same time, we advise you to pay attention to the fact that to get information about the transaction after the operation, you need to register in the system. And when buying and exchanging coins with a credit card, the fees increase greatly.

What to choose?

All 3 platforms are leaders among exchange platforms in the world of cryptocurrencies. You can simply exchange your BTC for any of them. Carefully review the platforms and their specifications to make a final decision.

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