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Names like Mike Tyson, Joe Louis, and Muhammad Ali are popular in the heavyweight boxing world. Together with others, they have given people a reason to enjoy boxing as entertainment. But today, boxing is becoming popular for another reason, and that is fitness. It is called boxfit, and experts recommend taking boxfit group classes because they are not only motivating but fun. These are like boot camps, yoga, or any other fitness classes that people take intending to improve core strength and balance, endurance, stability, or meet any other goals.

If you have a passion for boxing, you will definitely find this very interesting. This guide will help you understand what boxfit group classes are, how they work, where to take one, and their benefits, among other important insights.

What Are Boxfit Group Classes?

These are group classes, usually 30 to 60 minutes, with full-body fitness training using boxing workouts. Boxfit group classes have started gaining popularity today because people gain more benefits within a shorter time. Imagine keeping fit while gaining punching tactics and also ways to defend yourself from an opponent.

Fortunately, you can get incredible Boxfit classes near your that will fit your needs, such as time, professional trainers, friendly people with the same goals as you, and a lot of motivation to keep fit. These fitness centers are also well-equipped and have a safe environment for you to work out and meet your fitness goals.

Preparing for Boxfit Group Classes

Would you like to find the best workout studio for boxfit group classes in your area? It is pretty simple, especially after reading these insights. For beginners, these are the best things you could do to get started:

  • Identify a favorite studio – Before anything else, you need to know all of the workout studios that offer boxfit in your area and then narrow down to one. To make it easier, read reviews on the web and social media to find the centers with the best services. Then, you may want to talk to the sales or customer care desk to learn more about their classes and programs. Reading their website and social media page will also give you more details.
  • Choose a program and time – Boxfit group classes are conducted at different times of the day to suit the needs of different people. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, working from 9 AM to 5 PM, or a businessperson with a tight schedule, the trainer will help you fit in an appropriate class. The programs are relatively similar: 30 or 60-minute classes with full-body workouts using boxing techniques.
  • Gear up – Although reputable fitness studios offer some gear, you need to have your personal gear like punching pads and gloves, boxing shoes, water bottles, towels, and other items. The best thing is to discuss what you need with the personal trainer to avoid making gear mistakes.

Getting Started with Boxfit Group Classes

Once you are slotted for a class and ready to start, you need to understand the actual program. The trainer will take you through it for psychological readiness, which is very important. Some common programs in boxfit group classes look like these.

The Basic

This is a beginner-level class that may take up to 60 minutes. If you wonder why it is that long, experts recommend starting on high gear to align your cardio fitness and endurance. However, the basics consist of tactic learning through slow and moderate boxing moves, basic aerobic exercises, and other fitness activities.


As the boxfit group classes advance, the trainers increase the intensity of the boxing moves and cardio workouts. Although the 60 minutes of the session might remain or shorten, the activities will be more intense and aggressive. Sometimes, you might opt for a personal trainer if you cannot keep up with the classes for some reason. If you are lucky, the studio will provide one at an extra cost.

Benefits of Boxfit Group Classes

Boxfit group classes are fun because you meet many people with similar interests as yours. However, the main goal is to enjoy the following health and fitness goals:

  • Burn calories and fat – If you have been struggling with weight, then you have just discovered an incredible way to keep it in check. Boxfit is an amazing cardio workout for the entire body, especially when combined with aerobics. According to experienced fitness trainers, 60 minutes of training may burn up to 400 calories.
  • Strengthen – Great boxers are strong because they build resistance during training. You, too, will have a strong body when you engage in boxfit programs and remain active consistently. Fortunately, everyone keeps encouraging and motivating each other, which leads to the best results.
  • Condition the body – A well-conditioned body has many benefits. Boxfit group classes engage in a lot of cardio workouts that promote strength and endurance for a conditioned body. The trainer will align your training accordingly depending on what you want to achieve as a group.
  • Build confidence – Health and fitness build confidence in many ways. Boxfit does the same in a great way. Apart from losing weight and gaining muscles, learning boxing techniques makes you feel like a movie star. It is also a great way to fight stress and relieve body fatigue after a tough day at work or home.
  • Keeps you motivated – Have you been looking for the best way to stay motivated to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle? Boxfit group classes will do the trick. All you need is to get a class full of fun that is led by a professional trainer. Most importantly, you should have the right gear for the work. This will keep you motivated throughout.

Final Words

Boxfit group classes are worth attending. Luckily, they are not very expensive. You are likely to pay a similar amount you would pay for gym, swimming, dancing, or boot camps. So, look for the best in your town and join. If you are just beginning, the insights shared in this article will help you make the right decisions. But the bottom line is staying motivated to fulfill your personal fitness goals through boxing, even when attending group classes. All the best!

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