When you start your weight loss program for the first time your weight will seem like it practically falls off. But as you get further, your weight will be stuck and you will have a hard time losing more pounds.  It happens because what you lose is water weight, not fat.  So how we can differentiate between water or fat weight we lose? According to livestrong.com, there is no creditable method to sever it, but if your weight is fickle excessively or you lost a large degree of weight really quickly, it could be you losing water weight in your body. In the contrast, it could be you losing fat weight in your body if you are losing some pounds slowly while you following a healthy diet and workout plan and there is a visible change in your body. Therefore, if you want to lose fat weight you may try  https://reshape.me/articles/how-to-lose-weight-in-12-weeks

Almost everybody confuses about water and fat weight, they do not know whether they lost water weight or fat. Have you ever been on diet but your weight fluctuates? Your weight goes ups and downs a lot because what you lose is water weight, not fat. The fluctuation during weight loss is normal but sometimes it can be discouraging you. Therefore, psychologist Amy Walter,  director of Behavioral Services at Boise’s St. Luke’s Health System Humphreys Diabetes Center, suggests a diet that focuses on the overall trend, not on the actual day’s number. As long as you continue losing a few pounds over time and do not get frustrated if the number goes up on some days.

Another method to differentiate whether you are losing water weight or experiencing fat loss is the time frame. If you lose 2 pounds in one day, it may be an indication that you are losing water weight. As a matter of fact, almost everybody may lose 1 to 2 pounds of actual weight each week and around 1 percent of body fat in about a month, as per American Council on Exercise. Therefore, if your body weight drops drastically it is likely from water.

  • Weight Loss without Fat Loss

According to The American Council on Exercise, when you lose some pounds, you are losing both fat and lean body mass or muscle. Furthermore, they say 25 percents of every weight you lost are in the form of lean muscle except that you are on a healthy diet program, eating a healthy and balanced meal, or you may do workout to keep your muscle mass such as cardiovascular or aerobic exercise and incorporating with strength training.

Even though you are limit your calorie intake each day if you still eat unhealthy food and do not do any workout or exercise, you may lose some pounds and the number on the scale go down drastically but you are losing a large percentage of muscle not fat. Doing exercise at least twice a week is a suggestion from The Mayo Clinic. By doing exercise will help you preventing muscle loss while you losing your weight; in addition, it will also counteract the natural muscle loss which is related to aging.

What is more, that muscle tissue uses up more energy than fat tissue; therefore, when you have a higher percentage of lean muscle, your body will burn more calories whether you are sitting or doing exercise. Thus, doing exercise or incorporating strength training will help you with true fat loss and make it easier to losing weight.

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