Conor McGregor responds to Poirier and claims the fight is CANCELLED

It seems McGregor is really insulted with Poirier’s public tweet regarding his failed donation that he is cancelling his trilogy fight with Dustin Poirier. The biggest issue here is Poirier going on public rather than message McGregor privately.

McGregor initially responded with a tweet that it is a donation rather than a debt which basically means voluntary. He also accused Poirier of chasing the money rather than a title fight, and sadly is questioning the legitimacy of the Good Fight Foundation.

In Poirier’s defense, his team contacted McGregor’s team three times and yet have not responded. It is also kind of frustrating for his part since he already confirmed that McGregor will be donating in his charity yet after a few months, still no response, not even a clue.

This is when McGregor got so angry that he announced that he will be fighting a different opponent on July 10. The UFC has not yet posted their statement with regards to the matter but it will be interesting since McGregor always has a special treatment given by the UFC just because he is the cash cow.

Some fans are speculating that this might be an act and that they are just doing this just to sell the fight but we won’t now until Dana White himself gives his statement. If it is just an act, both fighters are really selling the fight that might even break the UFC 229 PPV record. Speaking of of a different opponent, Kevin Lee is volunteering to step in as the replacement.

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