UFC 200 is the MOST cursed mixed martial arts event. That’s not even in doubt anymore after the number of travesties outside the octagon and the somewhat poor quality of the card.

What was supposed to be the biggest and best event of all-time turned out to be a dud. The fights weren’t anywhere near as thrilling as first hoped, and some fights didn’t even happen at all, like the originally scheduled main event.


Without doubt though, the biggest disappointment to come from UFC 200 is the string of failed drug tests that emerged before and after the event. First off Jon Jones was pulled from the rematch with Daniel Cormier just three days out from the fight.

‘Bones’ had popped for estrogen blockers, commonly known as an injected hormone that steroid abusers use after a cycle. Then it was the turn of heavyweight co-main event fighter Brock Lesnar. We learned yesterday exactly what the WWE star failed the test for too.

Top image is UFC 200 weigh-ins, bottom image is UFC 100 weigh-ins
Top image is UFC 200 weigh-ins, bottom image is UFC 100 weigh-ins

Seven years after UFC 100 and Brock Lesnar is even more ripped than before. Had the pro wrestler really just been working that hard t coming back? Nope, and USADA (United States Anti Doping Agency) revealed yesterday that Lesnar also had anti estrogens in his system.


Continue to find out about Brock’s latest failed drug test and see Mark Hunt’s furious reaction…

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