Michael Chandler is unbothered by Conor McGregor’s decision to have their fight in middleweight. This will be a foreign class weight for both fighters, but Chandler is confident that it won’t bring any advantage for the opponent. For “Iron,” McGregor’s demand for a weight class move doesn’t translate to a strength increase, stating his belief that the Irish is “not stronger” than him.

After months of waiting, McGregor recently shared that he would fight Chandler on June 29 in Las Vegas. The biggest highlight of the announcement was McGregor’s choice for the 185-pound class weight. Many analysts expressed concern about this decision that could impact both fighter’s performance. The American fighter, nonetheless, is indifferent about it and confident about the current status of his body and strength.

As for McGregor, Chandler believes that the opponent is not making any progress in strength despite the surprising decision to move to 185. To explain his argument, the 37-year-old fighter recalled Jon Jones’ journey moving up to the heavyweight, with the current heavyweight champ sharing his progress and training with the public. Chandler underscored that this is not what’s happening to McGregor.

“Have we seen pictures of him looking big? Absolutely,” Chandler said on his YouTube channel. “Did we see a couple pictures leaked from the Roadhouse [movie] and he looked huge with the big beard and all that kind of stuff? Of course. Is he bigger than he used to be? Absolutely.

“Now, he’s a natural 155-pounder. I’m a 155-pounder. We would just be fighting at 185. He’s not stronger than me. I would like anybody in the comments or anybody to tag me in videos of him lifting heavy weights. Go out there and show me a video of Conor McGregor lifting heavy, heavy weights. I actually looked before I got on this video, you can’t find any videos of this man lifting heavy, heavy weights.”

With all this, Chander highlighted his confidence in taking the fight in a new class weight without making huge adjustments. Ultimately, the fighter believes that he’s still stronger than the Irish superstar, dismissing doubters about the possibility of McGregor coming back stronger.

“I don’t believe that size is an advantage,” Chandler said. “I would stay the same exact weight I am right now, and I would just eat a little bit more and have the same camp so I can still get just as shredded as I looked like at 155, fighting at 185.

“He is not stronger than me. So, I don’t need to gain weight, I don’t need to gain any more strength, I don’t need to do any more than what I’m already doing. The dude is not stronger than me.”

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