His first fight went so well that CM Punk will once again… wait, what?

If the news out of Roufus Sport MMA is true, Phil “CM Punk” Brooks is on his way back to the octagon. The pro-wrestler turned one-time MMA fighter last fought almost a year ago when he submitted to Mickey Gall’s RNC at UFC 203.

Punk’s UFC debut stirred up controversy as many felt he used his celebrity status to cut the line in front of more deserving athletes. In the UFC’s defense, they signed Punk to a multi-fight deal in large part to prevent another promotion from marketing his fights in a way potentially detrimental to the sport. The UFC’s naysayers will say this is exactly what the company has done with Punk themselves.

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Why is CM Punk in the UFC?

When CM Punk left WWE in 2014, he stated he wanted to compete in MMA. According to Punk, his plan had been to compete on small regional shows with other athletes who had a similar level of experience. Unfortunately, because of Punk’s popularity from WWE, he is a guy people will pay to see which prevents small MMA shows from being an option.

Simply put, a small regional show with CM Punk’s name attached to it would cease to be a small show anyway. To simplify things the UFC just signed him, filmed a reality show, and chucked him on the semi-main event of UFC 203.

Following his loss to Gall, many felt it was no longer in Punk’s or the UFC’s best interest for his next bout to be in the promotion. The problem is that he signed a multi-fight deal with the UFC which prevents him from fighting elsewhere. Either the UFC has to give him a fight or they let him fight for someone else, which is basically giving away money.

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Duke Roufus Confirms CM Punk Awaiting Fight Confirmation

According to Punk’s team, they have lobbied UFC hard to get him another shot in the cage. They claim to have been doing this since not long after Punk’s loss to Mickey Gall.

Dana White seemed less than enthused with the idea of Punk fighting in the UFC again, however.

“He probably shouldn’t have his next fight in the UFC. Just like I said with Brock, having your first fight in the UFC is tough and you [saw] tonight, even if it’s against a guy who is 2-0. This is a tough place to learn.”

Punk’s opponent at UFC 203, Mickey Gall, also expressed similar opinions.

I don’t know if he should be fighting in the UFC. I think he probably should’ve fought elsewhere first. But I respect that he wants to get back at it and go for it, so hats off to him.”

According to a recent Instagram post from Duke Roufus, however, Punk is just awaiting confirmation of his next UFC bout:

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