Recently on a media call for UFC 202, Conor was asked about drug testing and echoed statements made by Nate Diaz at a UFC 196 media event; those statements being that the entire UFC is on steroids.


“The boy is not far along, I mean they f**king all are on steroids.  So it is f**ked up.” Conor said on the conference call.

“The co-main and the main at 200. That’s messed up to me to be honest.” he said in reference to Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar both failing drug tests stemming from UFC 200.  He would also again refer to Nate’s teammates, Jake Shields and Gilbert Melendez, who have both tested positive in the past.


Conor also used the conference call as a chance to bash Rafael Dos Anjos for pulling out of their lightweight title fight last minute.  According to Conor, he should be a 2-weight champion in the UFC right now, and blamed RDJ for “p**sing out” of their fight.

Both Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor were on the call, and both had plenty to say.

Continue to hear Conor McGregor agree with Nate that the entire UFC is on steroids…

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