Undisputed King of Trash Talk Conor McGregor Shuts Down Tony Ferguson and Max Holloway on Twitter…

Conor McGregor is the undisputed king of trash talk. The UFC lightweight champion has built an entire career out his personality and charisma. Of course, he is also an excellent fighter, as he has proven many times. However, he is able to spot an opportunity to make money better than anyone else. No one could self-promote in the same way as him.

Many have tried but few have succeeded in matching him. McGregor is expected to return at some point in 2018. He’s back in training and appears to be waiting for the most lucrative option to arise. Right now that looks like being the winner of Tony Ferguson vs Khabib Nurmagamedov, who fight for McGregor’s lightweight belt at UFC224.

Another option is the featherweight champion, Max Holloway. Holloway was meant to defend his title last weekend against Frankie Edgar but had to withdraw with an injury. Both Holloway and Ferguson faced McGregor’s wrath on Twitter, as the ‘Notorious’ reminded them both who the real king of the UFC is.

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Holloway was one of McGregor’s first victims in the UFC. However, ‘Blessed’ has developed so much since they last fought that he is almost a completely different fighter. He’s currently riding a 12-fight win streak. After Frankie Edgar lost by KO to Brian Ortega in Las Vegas, Holloway tweeted:

“You had nothing to gain from taking that fight @FrankieEdgar. But you took it you defended what you already earned. There’s no belt for sacrificing everything but true fans and Jersey knows no belt can outshine what you bring to the sport. Chin up bratha.”

Not Having It

Well-intentioned though they may be, Holloway’s words didn’t pass unnoticed by McGregor. The Irishman made news last week when he claimed that he offered to replace the Hawaiian and fight Edgar in Las Vegas, but the UFC wouldn’t allow it. He tweeted:

“Kid, you bounced. Leave it.”

McGregor himself sent a message of respect to Edgar, who is one of the most highly-regarded fighters on the UFC roster. The Irishman called him a “fighter’s fighter”, showing his appreciation of Edgar’s legacy.

Sad B***ard

Tony Ferguson also got shut down by McGregor after the former tagged the Irishman in an abusive message. The lightweight contender takes on Khabib Nurmagamedov for the lightweight title at UFC 224 in April. McGregor will be stripped of his title as soon as the pair steps into the cage. McGregor replied to Ferguson’s bizarre message with a brutal shutdown:

“You are a sad b***ard mate”

Simple but effective. McGregor is a master of finishing opponents with stinging comebacks. Who can forget his magnificent “who da fook is that guy” response to Jeremy Stephens? The ‘Notorious’ is certainly making sure that we don’t forget about him. Whoever he is matched against next will just have to accept that regardless of their titles, McGregor is the real star of the show.

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