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Everyone would agree that Conor Mcgregor is the biggest draw in the UFC, his PPV numbers is not even close the second. To put into scale how big he is, even without a title on the line on his fight against Diaz or even Cerrone, the fight still became the biggest fights in terms of PPV revenue.

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What made Mcgregor is because he was good on the mic, he would trash-talk anyone and sells the fight easily. Even the UFC knew that they had a star in the making. Dana White even knew before that Mcgregor was special, he even said that if he could throw a punch, he will be a mega-star due to his charisma inside and outside of the ring.

Whether he is main-event or even during his prelim years, his trashtalk is one of his signature styles. He credited Muhammad Ali as one of his heroes growing up, that may have played a role in his trashtalk game.

Even the Floyd Mayweather fight happened, partly due to their public callouts in the media. Mcgregor has made a lot of money because of being outspoken, whether he lost or won the fight, people still want to watch him.

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Another signature thing Mcgregor does in his fights is his prediction with the outcome. He has been called Mystic Mac because he predicts his fights and eerily happens sometimes.

He predicted the Mendes KO where the fight will end in the second round due to Mendes gassing which happened. The Jose Aldo fight he said that in the first exchange, he will clip Jose Aldo. A lot of past fights were also correctly predicted.

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After the Khabib loss, Mcgregor went on many controversial incidents like punching an old man in a bar. It looked like pretty much a typical star going down hill. Fortunately, Mcgregor realized his wrongdoings and went on to apologize in his social media account.

He then changed his style in the build-up of fights where he respects his opponents and give credit where credit is due. Coming to the fight against Cerrone, he talk as a humble fighter just eager to compete. He showed respect against Cerrone before and after the fight. The old Mcgregor would trashtalk his opponent but respect him after the fight but this time Mcgregor shows respect even during pre-fight conferences.

The Mcgregor vs Cerrone fight was a huge success where it was either the top or the second biggest PPV fight. Just shows how big Mcgregor’s name is in the sport despite not being active and coming off a loss.

Dustin Poirier also confirmed that Mcgregor’s team reached out to the Good Fight foundation, a charity led by Poirier to help those in needs. Mcgregor looks to change his drunk phase during the Khabib fight and has become a better person outside the ring.

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