Big money fights are what the UFC seems interested in putting on lately, but considering the new owners just paid $4 billion for the company this should come as no surprise. We’ve got Dan Henderson challenging for the middleweight championship at 46 years of age and CM Punk fighting on the main card of a PPV. We are heading into an era of “money fights”.


If you are an MMA purist this is a horrible time to be a fan, but if you are the type of fan that misses the flare and over-the-topness of Pride FC then you are loving the direction the sport is headed.

Whether you love it or hate it however, its what will be happening for at least the next two years as the new ownership group seeks to show their investors their purchase was a good move.

Here are seven potential big money fights the UFC could and should make in 2017…


7. Conor McGregor vs. Eddie Alvarez- UFC Lightweight Championship

It is sounding less and less likely that Conor is going to drop back down to featherweight to defend his belt, much to Jose Aldo’s misfortune.

It doesn’t seem like Conor is interested in vacating the belt either. While he did say at one point that his next fight would be at featherweight, Conor seemed very unimpressed with the idea of a rematch with Aldo at the UFC 202 post-fight press conference.

The most likely next fight for Conor McGregor is at lightweight against champion Eddie Alvarez. After all, Conor was supposed to challenge then-champion Raphael Dos Anjos at UFC 196, until RDA had to pull out and Nate Diaz stepped in.

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6. Nick Diaz vs. Georges St. Pierre II

Even though GSP won this fight decisively at UFC 158, there would still be money in a rematch.

Nick Diaz is more popular than ever now that his suspension is up. He has become something of a folk hero as a result of the ridiculous 5-year suspension the athletic commission tried to hand down on him. Plus Nick has repeatedly complained about their first fight, stating that GSP was on steroids, and even claiming that he missed weight.

GSP’s camp has stated that Georges was suffering from food poisoning during the bout. There’s no telling what is and is not true regarding any of those claims, but one thing that is certain is Georges controlled Nick on the ground for 5 rounds.

Georges has commented recently that he would be interested in a  rematch with Nick, but he has also been linked to fights with Woodley, Conor McGregor, and a host of others.

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