Conor McGregor Lays Out Dustin Poirier Rematch Demands

By Dazzler
Conor McGregor Lays Out Dustin Poirier Rematch Demands

The Diamond Called Out Conor McGregor… Now the Irishman Has Responded And Revealed Exactly What Dustin Poirier Has to Do to Get Another Fight With Him in the UFC…

Dustin Poirier earned a lot of respect and goodwill over the last week. He showed that he’s one of the classiest guys in MMA after losing to Khabib Nurmagamedov by a third-round rear-naked choke. He actually came close to submitting the Russian himself, but it just wasn’t his night.

Poirier is an excellent fighter in his own right. The former interim champion is at a crossroads now after a run at lightweight that saw him go 9-1 (1 no-contest). With Khabib in the way, he’s going to have to earn it all over again. He has an idea though, to fast track his way to the top.

Conor McGregor. Yes, Poirier wants a rematch with the former two-weight champion and McGregor has responded online, issuing his demands. Could this fight actually happen?

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Makes Sense

Poirier believes that this is the fight that makes sense. Realistically, he’s got a point. Justin Gaethje and Donald Cerrone are booked to fight this weekend, and who knows how much damage those two wild men are going to do to each other? Meanwhile, a Khabib and Tony Ferguson title fight looks likely to finally happen. So Poirier tweeted:

“I think me and Conor running it back makes a lot of sense at this point.”

You would think this would suit the two of them. McGregor knows he can beat Poirier – he did so in 1:46 of the 1st round at UFC 178. That was at featherweight though and Poirier is a different fighter without the weight-cut.

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Gone in 90 Seconds

McGregor responded on Twitter with a typically over-the-top response. He took offence at Poirier having the cheek to call him out and told him what he had to do to even make him think about fighting the Lousiana native again. Does he even want to fight? McGregor tweeted:

“I fed you to the canvas in 90 seconds bro.
You should have spoke my name with a bit more respect in that build up. “McGregor’s not next”
Motherf**ker, it’s McGregor always!
McGregor is the goal! Always!
Say that now and I’ll think about it.
#GoneIn90seconds #NicCage #AJolie”

Boxing Match?

It’s worth noting that Poirier added another option when he was trying to call out McGregor. He wrote: “In MMA or Zuffa Boxing.” The latter is UFC President’s Dana White’s attempt to break into promoting boxing – something which really hasn’t been going well for him so far. Would the bald one be tempted by the option of putting Poirier and McGregor together in a boxing match?

McGregor is 0-1 as a professional boxer, losing by TKO to Floyd Mayweather. Poirier has never laced up a pair of boxing gloves outside of the gym. You would have to favour ‘The Notorious’ if this was going to go down and it would be extremely interesting to know how much money they’d make from it, compared to regular UFC fights.

Right now though, it’s all just speculation.