You won’t believe who McGregor said was his easiest opponent. In a twitter post, a fan asked the Irish fighter on who was his easiest opponent so far and his response is throwing a bit of shade to his past opponent. Who would have thought?

McGregor revealed that the easiest opponent he faced was his featherweight fight against Dustin Poirier when they still both new to the UFC. In the fight, McGregor predicted that the fight will end in the first round, to which it did thus the “Mystic Mac” nickname was made. Even though McGregor only had a few wins during that time, he was already a massive star.

Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Although McGregor made it look easy, Poirier was still considered elite that time, even go as to far as higher ranked. There were a lot of opponents he initially faced were more low-level. It might be also mind games as he is preparing to face Poirier for the third time, but this time he is coming off a knockout loss.

Many thought that McGregor was one of the best fighters in terms of stand up game, so a knockout loss would have been hard to believe. Dustin Poirier beat the odds, executed a great game plan that led to a knockout win.

Although it is worth noting that in the rematch, McGregor probably had ring rust as he was out of the Octagon for a long time and his last fight ended so short that he did not have ring time activity but did it really played a factor or was it Poirier was just the better fighter?

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