Since UFC 207 went down this past Saturday, everyone and their dog has voiced opinions on Ronda Rousey. Facing Amanda Nunes in an attempt to win back the championship, ‘Rowdy’ was brutalized in 48 seconds.

Coming in to UFC 207, everyone was talking about ‘Rowdy.’ After being dominated so badly, ironically everyone is still talking Ronda. During tonight’s episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, the UFC commentator rewatched the fight.

Check out our transcript of Rogan’s reaction to UFC 207:

Amanda Nunes Ronda Rousey


“That was just so surreal. That was the least competitive main event ever. Even McGregor vs. Aldo was just one dynamic shot. Physically she looked great. There were some red flags before though. What kind of sparring was she doing?”

“I saw video of her hitting pads with Edmond (Tarverdyan) and they were just standing in front of each other. She wasn’t moving, she was just hitting pads like pop-pop-pop. She had to close the distance and clinch, the idea to stand against Amanda Nunes was ludicrous. The difference in punching power was literally double.”

Mandatory credit: Mark J Rebilas USA Today Sports
Mandatory credit: Mark J Rebilas USA Today Sports


“The whole thing was a big marketing hype piece within the Ronda Rousey business. A lot of people were 100% sure that Ronda wins. I was 100% sure ‘who the fuck knows.’ Ronda was in amazing shape, you think about the things she was able to do in the past. Maybe she flips Nunes on her head and gets the armbar. She was standing straight up in the air, wasn’t moving her head, then she put her legs together. That’s when you know someone is really hurt.”

“When she got knocked out by Holly, I really think there are a lot of people who are never the same. Those neck kicks do a lot of damage, people can’t absorb those shots any more. The Nunes fight was hard to watch. After she beat Rousey, she put a finger up to her mouth and went right up to Edmond.”ronda-rousey-amanda-nunes-ftr-getty-imagesjpg_1mc3n9usnm42q18wkjjtq5694v[1]

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“She wasn’t there, though, mentally. I think there were things leading up to it, the biggest red flag was Dana White. For him to say she could skip all the media sh*t, there’s just something going on there. Edmond is obviously a terrible coach.”

Given the fact she’s been KO’d twice in a row, should Rousey leave Edmond? Hearing Rogan and Schaub’s comments, it’s clear what they think.

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