Conor McGregor signs bout agreement with Poirier trilogy, FIGHT IS BACK ON!

After McGregor posted a tweet that the fight is off and that he will fight a different opponent, many fans were confused whether the fight was gonna really happen. It turns out that the fight will go on as the UFC and Dana White officially announced that the fight will happen on Vegas.

It is finally great to see that Vegas is BACK! and at 100% full capacity and who better to headline than McGregor. Vegas is the fight capital of the world and it feels like it has been ages since they had a full card.

The fight had a lot of confusion coming to the fight, due to the charity issue where both parties had a back and forth with regards to the promised donation. As of the moment, Poirier wants to set aside the issue and is focused on the fight for July 10 rather than bash McGregor publicly.

Poirier also apologized for his behavior for going on public and ruining McGregor’s name instead of telling privately regarding his future plans.

For Conor McGregor, it is a big fight for him since he just suffered his first knockout loss where many thought that it was his least likely way to lose. McGregor thinks that the ring rust may have played a huge factor since his last fight against Donald Cerrone was 12 months prior and lasted less than a minute.

McGregor told Helwani that he will destroy Poirier in the trilogy.

It is finally great to see the old Conor back where he trash talks his opponent. His trash talk game was one of the best in the business and was also one of the reasons why he became a mega-star. The bad blood will also sell the fight more and might potentially be the biggest PPV in UFC history. July 10 cannot come any faster.

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