Could there be anyone in the world more upset at Nate Diaz’ loss to Conor McGregor in their highly-anticipated rematch at UFC 202 than Nate Diaz himself? You would think that there is just no one else in the world more bummed out than Diaz himself, but apparently that’s not the case. One crazy fan from Las Vegas took a pistol to the streets and fired off a few rounds in frustration.

25-year old Las Vegas resident Ulysses Liaina was detained by local law enforcement for unwarranted use of a firearm early Sunday morning. Liaina supposedly walked onto the streets, aimed his pistol at the Las Vegas night sky and fired a few shots into the air. When asked by police why he did it, Liaina said he wasn’t too happy about the way McGregor-Diaz II turned out.

Ulysses Liaina

Ulysses Liaina, 25, was pissed Nate Diaz lost to Conor McGregor at UFC 202

McGregor and Diaz went five gruelling rounds in the main event of UFC 202 earlier that evening, in what will go down as one of the most exciting and memorable battles that ever took place inside the Octagon. Fans of both sides cheered their fighter on as both McGregor and Diaz wasted away at each other for 25 whole minutes to reach a Majority Decision which read in favor of the Dublin, Ireland native.

Police officer Bob Higginbotham released a statement to KZRG news describing the incident with Liaina.

“Witnesses and friends all said [Liaina] just pointed [the gun] straight up in the air. And so he wasn’t aiming at anybody, it was apparently his method of venting,” said Cpt. Higginbotham.

Authorities were able to recover a Ruger 9mm revolver and 13 bullet casings as evidence. No one was injured or harmed during the incident. Liaina however is most likely looking at a hefty fine for his actions, which could run up to $5,000.

Mixed Martial Arts fans are a crazy, passionate bunch. Just goes to show how much this fight really permeated the mainstream and that the world was indeed watching.

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