UFC 202 rocked our world on August 20. Fans of mixed martial arts had waited patiently for months for Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz 2. Their big rematch was delayed after UFC 200 kinda fell apart.

McGregor refused to attend his media obligations, and so the rematch with Diaz was cancelled. Worried fans watched as the Irish star threw a month-long social media tantrum. It wasn’t long before negotiations were back on track though.



Conor McGregor said he was obsessed with revenge after UFC 196. Nate Diaz had scored the biggest win of his career when he submitted the Irishman on March 5. This back story led to one of the greatest UFC contests of all-time.

The two bitter rivals collided at UFC 202. The main event was a bloody five round war that had fans gripped for the entire 25 minutes. Conor McGregor eventually won the majority decision.



Although ‘The Notorious’ got the win and made it one each, many fans questioned whether he’d done enough to earn the victory. Nate Diaz and many of his fans claimed Conor McGregor had run away during their fight.

Joe Rogan seems to agree with that opinion.

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