The Running Man?

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan’s most recent podcast was very interesting. After UFC 202, the long time fight caller believes Conor McGregor did indeed run from Nate Diaz at UFC 202. Rogan also said this wasn’t a bad thing.

Following the UFC 202 main event a number of memes emerged. Check out this Usain Bolt meme followed by Joe Rogan’s recap of UFC 202 and McGregor’s ‘running.’


Joe Rogan Says…

“He was awesome. He’s a bad motherf*cker dude. Nobody gets a first round knockout against Nate Diaz, it’s going to be a war. He knew it, he had to be conservative. It was insane, like nothing ever. He doesn’t need to go down to the ground with (Nate). If you do that with a guy like Nate Diaz, he might not be hurt at all. Conor f*cked up Nate’s right leg with kicks.”

“He’s just getting chewed up with this left leg kick. It makes it super difficult to move. Conor just fought a smooth and smart game plan. He didn’t unload himself, in the first fight he did that and his gas tank emptied. He ran away, you can say that, but it’s OK.”

YouTube video

Joe Rogan says Conor McGregor used his game plan perfectly at UFC 202. Following the first Nate Diaz fight the Irishman gassed out pretty quick. It’s OK to avoid certain exchanges, but was Conor McGregor being timid?

There is a timidity rule in MMA, and the referees are allowed to deduct points. The ref at UFC 202 was ‘Big’ John McCarthy. He says that McGregor’s ‘running’ wasn’t classed as timidity. What do you think?

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