Video: 320lb UK’s Strongest Man Fights 140lb Pro Boxer

When size and brute strength meets speed and technique…

Great disparities in size, weight and skill are always entertaining when talking about fights, and often make for the best viewing due to the unpredictability and the underdog factor. Japanese MMA promotions like Pride FC and Rizin specialise in these sorts of ‘freak show’ fights.

But it isn’t only the Asian audience that fights of this nature appeal to, in fact it’s popular the world over. One video made in Britain has been doing the rounds on viral feeds lately, and features a 320lb strong man taking on a 140lb boxer.


Meet Scott Lawton (picture right), an English professional boxer who has competed in the lightweight and super featherweight divisions. He holds a record of 27-8-1, and has 6 knockouts to his credit. He is the former English champion.

Now meet his opponent in the video (on page 2), Eddie Hall, the UK’s strongest man for the past 5 years running, and the 4th strongest man in the world.


Eddie Hall (pictured above) is the current world record holder for the biggest ever deadlift, with an incredible 463kg (1,020lb or over 73 stone) at Europe’s Strongest Man in July 2015. Breaking his own world record of 462kg (72.7 stones) cheered on by Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Arnold Classic in March 2015.

When the two masters of their craft collided in the boxing ring, it was truly a sight to behold.

Skip to page 2 for the fight video that’s going viral…

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