Colby Covington is seriously annoying the UFC right now…

Most fighters dream of making it to the UFC and becoming a champion. It’s the pinnacle of the sport and impossible for most people. Colby Covington and Kamaru Usman have that opportunity. The latter is the current UFC welterweight champion. Meanwhile, the former held an interim version of the title.

For some reason, the UFC is seriously struggling to negotiate with them both. It has created a lot of fan-frustration and is holding up the division. Now Dana White has revealed who is the main man at fault. Go on, take a guess.

If you assumed it was Colby Covington, then you’re absolutely right. ‘Chaos’ is driving Dana White crazy. The UFC President has explained the situation from the UFC Mexico City pre-fight conference.

Colby Covington. Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports


In short, Covington just isn’t being realistic. Although he’s an excellent fighter, he’s overestimating his value and refusing to back down. If he wins the title then he can demand more from the promotion. But until then, he needs to put his fists where his mouth is. Or something like that…

“So Colby Covington can say whatever he wants, but we make fights for a living,” explained White. “That’s what we do. We go after guys and we say, ‘This is next. This is the date. Do you want the fight?’ Obviously he wanted more money to fight Usman. We went back and forth.”

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Second Time

According to White, this isn’t the first time that Covington has been difficult to deal with. He has a history of overestimating his value, which definitely isn’t endearing him to the UFC top brass. It’s interesting that White wants to make it clear that Covington is the problem here, not Kamaru Usman. No surprises really…

“This is the second time he’s done it,” White said. “He had a fight in Dallas, too. So we said, ‘If you don’t want to fight Usman then we’ll give you Tyron Woodley’. He turned down Tyron Woodley, too. You either want to fight or you don’t. When Colby Covington is willing to fight, he’ll let us know.”

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Khabib Time

One fight that does like going down will be Khabib Nurmagamedov v Tony Ferguson. In the same press conference, White explained how he planned on giving ‘El Cucuy’ the title shot. However, if for some reason things fall apart, then a GSP fight is possible. He said:

“Tony Ferguson is the fight that needs to happen. We’ve tried to do it four other times, so hopefully, we can get it done this time. But that’s the fight that makes sense. (The fight with Georges St-Pierre) can happen, too. We’ll see what happens with Tony. Tony’s had opportunities before that he didn’t take, so if he doesn’t, I would be interested in talking about GSP.”

Of course, you can’t blame White for being cagey about Ferguson. He’s been booked to face ‘The Eagle’ four times and every time it’s collapsed. Let’s pray to the MMA Gods that this time things work out. Who cares about Colby Covington?

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