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Dana White expects Conor McGregor to return in 2021. The UFC President has, for the first time, confirmed his expectation that the Irishman will fight again. White has maintained the narrative that McGregor is retired. However, we all know that isn’t true.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for McGregor. He is currently dealing with even more sexual assault allegations. A married woman accused of him of exposing his genitals to her in Corsica. The Notorious and his team emphatically deny these allegations but the story has seized momentum.

However, the UFC still has McGregor’s back. There’s little doubt that many fans will happily forget all of McGregor’s legal problems if he comes back. But who will he potentially fight? The obvious answer is Nick Diaz.

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Fun Stuff

White spoke to ESPN about McGregor’s potential return but didn’t name an opponent. He made it clear that nothing is definite where McGregor is concerned but there are some exciting options. Nick Diaz also hopes to return next year so could this be the fight?

“We’re actually working on some fun stuff for Conor at the beginning of next year,” White said. “He should be back next year.

“I’m not saying he’s coming back to fight guaranteed, but we’re talking right now about some stuff.”

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McGregor is not hiding away. The Dubliner defended his personal character online. In sum, he is refusing to accept online abuse and what he considers to be false allegations. He wrote on Facebook:

“The truth is the truth and it gives me wings! I know my character! God bless DNA! God bless Cctv! God bless Eye witness! God bless the truth! The truth is power! Never will a dime be paid to anyone coming at me with vicious lies! Now now not f—ng ever! I will fight! And I am only beginning to fight!

All these past incidents you will see! They will not be forgotten! I will not allow these people to just accuse me and then disappear into the dark to attempt to ruin someone else life! No f—ng way!”

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Crazy Lifestyle

However, White tried to offer some perspective on McGregor’s lifestyle. He didn’t defend the fighter because he doesn’t know the fully story. But he did want to explain whMcGregor’s life is so crazy. In sum, he’s a super star. White told assembled media:

“That kind of a life, crazy sh-t happens when you’re in that type of lifestyle. You try to go out and act normal and be normal, and it’s hard to do sometimes. I’m not defending Conor in any way, shape, or form. I don’t know enough about the situation to talk about it all. But I do know I’ve gone out with him before, and it’s batsh-t nuts.”

“You just don’t understand how big this kid is until you go out with him. He was literally getting mobbed. People were going crazy, screaming, jumping up from blackjack tables, leaving their money there and running after Conor. I’ve never seen anything like that. … Imagine what it’s like with him in Europe?”

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