UFC welterweight Colby Covington is currently under investigation by his employers. The charges? He said some pretty crazy stuff last night, and he isn’t done yet…

‘Changing of the guard,’ it’s a clichéd saying but it happens a lot in MMA. You are what you kill, and in the hectic landscape of the UFC there are predators waiting around every corner.

Last night’s madness illustrates these points to a tee. Featured in the co-main and main event at UFC Fight Night 119 were two Brazilian stars, aging but still there. Former light-heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida hoped to bounce back from a two-year suspension, and Demian Maia looked to get past his loss to Tyron Woodley.

Best laid plans and Maia/Machida’s face went to waste. Derek Brunson had his way with ‘The Dragon’ and Colby Covington controlled the normally dominant Maia. Just like that, Machida and Maia showed their age, but Covington showed something completely different.

“And another thing, they should build a wall around ‘Murica to keep all them filthy Mexicans out…” Parody, of course, nobody would be stupid enough to say that…

Covington Sparks Outrage…Twice

Covington’s comments about Brazilians being ‘filthy animals’ have certainly stirred the proverbial pot. He’d later claim that his obscene interview was fueled by the crowds attacking him before the fight.

He also said that security details were sent to his hotel to protect him from 10,000 chanting Brazilians. After his ‘official apology’ to the ‘filthy animals’ of Brazil, Covington caught a backlash from his own teammate, Antonio Bigfoot Silva:

ATT Teammate Bigfoot Silva is Furious

As per MMAFighting.com, Bigfoot is on the rampage right now:

“Colby you are an anti-professional and dirty person, I’ll show you how to respect my country and my people,”

“Colby trains in my team, ATT, but he was a son of a b**** for speaking bad things against Brazilians because he trains with Brazilians, and respect is everything in a human being’s life,” he added.

“Sad that they only threw plastic cups after the guy humiliated our country. He should have gone straight to hospital.”

Was Covington justified? Read his statement on exactly what led to the crazy interview below…

Colby Covington trolls the Brazilian crowd after battering Demian Maia at UFC Fight Night 119. Mandatory credit: Jason Silva USA Today

Spat on & Abused…

“I’m poking fun man. No one knows what happened to me on the walkout. They’re f***ing spitting at me, telling me I’m going to die, telling me f*** you and your mum and this and that. They’re throwing cups at me on the walkout, they tried to grab me as I walked out. I mean are you kidding me? I said they were filthy animals because they were being animals spitting at me and throwing stuff on me before the fight. This is on the walkout. But I’m the bad guy because I say the country is a dump?

“When I went backstage there were still a lot of Brazilian people mad. All the Brazilian fighters were like ‘F*** you, I’m going to kill you if I see you. You’re dead.’ Even Lyoto Machida was focused on me saying ‘You disrespected Brazil. F*** you, I’ll f*** you up.’ I was like why are you worried about me, you got a fight with Derek Brunson in two seconds.”- interview by MMAUno.com

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