Obviously unhappy with how he was being treated by the UFC, in particular by UFC President Dana White whom former featherweight champion Jose Aldo says he can “no longer trust”, Aldo voiced out his frustrations earlier this week and said he no longer wants to fight in the UFC.

Even more than that, Aldo says he wanted to retire from mixed martial arts altogether.

“If [White] likes me and my family, I just hope he released me. I don’t want a fight. I want to leave as I came in,” said Aldo.


Jose Aldo had a Few Emotional Statements Recently

“The UFC and WEC didn’t give me anything. Everything I conquered was my merit and from my team. Nobody gave me anything. I conquered everything. And I gave them a lot more than they gave me back. I just want them to release me from my contract.”

Aldo was knocked out in 13-seconds last December by now reigning UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor. Since then, the Brazilian wanted nothing more than to get an immediate rematch and regain his pride.

However, McGregor went in a completely different direction, moving up two weight classes to face Nate Diaz at welterweight twice.

After the Diaz bouts, McGregor was expected to finally defend his featherweight belt in an Aldo rematch — a rematch that White had promised Aldo — but instead, McGregor is now set to fight UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 in New York.

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Jose Aldo Wants to Make a Break for it and Leave the UFC

To make matters worse for Aldo, White also went back on his word to force McGregor to give up his featherweight belt if he refused to defend it. So you can see how frustrated all of this has made the once pound-for-pound best mixed martial artist in the world.

After hearing of Aldo’s plans to leave the Octagon for good, White spoke to Combate.com and downplayed the chances of Aldo being released from his current UFC contract.

“We will not cancel his contract,” White said.

White also mentioned that he believes Aldo and his team may have made those comments in the heat of the moment and that the UFC respects Aldo. White is expected to meet with Aldo soon to calm the situation.

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