UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor has a widespread reputation. Since joining the UFC in 2013, the Irishman has quickly established himself as the biggest trash talker in MMA. Following the UFC 194 main event against Jose Aldo, ‘The Notorious’ has become the biggest name in the sport too.

After more than a year of fierce trash talking with Aldo, McGregor finished their rivalry in just 13 seconds. Smashing the first featherweight champion in UFC history, McGregor would go on to dominate headlines for a variety of other reasons.



Following his stunning victory against Aldo, McGregor’s fame grew exponentially. No longer was he the poor Irish lad who could talk a mean game, this guy was for real. With the growth of ‘The Notorious’ came a clear division between those that loved or hated him.

Exposure is everything now days, and every word uttered by ‘The Notorious’ seems to be headline news now. Once his duo of fights against Nate Diaz were done, McGregor was expected to head back down to 145 pounds from welterweight. This would not happen, and another wave of hate was ushered in.

McGregor Alvarez

McGregor vs. Alvarez at UFC 205

Headlining the UFC 205 main event in New York, Eddie Alvarez will welcome Conor McGregor to the lightweight division. Alvarez is the newly crowned 155-pound champion, and having McGregor as his first defense has caused quite a stir.

What kind of impact this will have on the UFC’s future is highly debatable. That said, the mass opinion from hardcore fans is that McGregor vs. Alvarez is all for the money. When longer serving fighters like Donald Cerrone are getting a fraction of what McGregor makes, it can cause sour grapes in some cases.


UFC 205 Presser & Donald Cerrone

Similarly to the ‘Go Big’ presser, Donald Cerrone sat behind Conor McGregor at the UFC 205 press conference. Listening to his trash talk towards Alvarez and everyone else on stage, Cerrone says he’s not a fan of McGregor.

“Cowboy” told Sports Illustrated that Conor McGregor hides backstage, and fears the other fighters for their dislike of him.

‘It’s all an act, a big show (from McGregor),’

‘We couldn’t hear what he was saying (at the press conference), he was just rambling and we were behind the speaker.

‘I just tune him out, because behind the scenes he is like a scared little kid.

‘He hides from us. When they line us all up they take Conor and put him in another room because he can’t be around other fighters because we don’t play that s***.

‘(He is disliked) by all. By all. He’s not one of the fellas, he’s not a good dude.

‘But it is what it is, he’s done a good job promoting the sport.

‘He’s done a good job at making money, so I can’t hate the guy for that.

‘But just as a person, I ain’t a fan of his.’

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