The 3rd Conor McGregor fight of the year is only 5 weeks away, and so far it doesn’t appear as though Conor’s camp is too concerned Eddie Alvarez will pose much of a threat.


UFC 196 to UFC 205

The original main event of UFC 196 was intended to be Conor McGregor challenging UFC lightweight champion Raphael Dos Anjos. RDS goes out with injury, Nate taps Conor and the plan went off course for about 8 months. UFC 205 signifies a return to the original plan: Conor McGregor challenging to become a two-weight UFC champion.

Only now it is Eddie Alvarez with the LW championship. That title fight was given away live for free on television, but Eddie’s next title fight could break PPV records.


Conor a Slight Favourite

Early betting lines show Conor to be a slight favourite, but Conor’s coaches don’t agree the bout will be so close. Striking coach Owen Roddy appeared on submission radio earlier this week and sounded quite confident Conor will have little trouble with Alvarez.

Continue to hear Conor’s coaches talk about Eddie Alvarez…

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