After Jake Paul posted a video about some hurtful words against Conor Mcgregor and Dana White, White said that he may plan to book Nunes vs Paul with which no response from Paul about Nunes.

Although Nunes reacted to the offer of a potential fight against Paul. She said that she is in it 100%. No holding from the Women’s bantamweight champion and arguably the best women mixed martial artist ever.

Jake Paul has a lot to lose if he accepts the fight, one of which he will be fighting a woman who is a lot smaller and lighter than him so he has all the physical advantages. If Paul loses, all his boxing skills will be shamed since people will assume he lost to a girl.

Even though Nunes is a woman, she has the power of that a man. Some of her past opponents like Miesha Tate even said that Nunes hits like a truck. Her technique and the way she uses her body leverage generates huge power that could knock out anyone.

Although other than Mcgregor, another UFC fighter Paul is interested in is Nate Diaz. Diaz is one of the popular fighters in the UFC right, due to him beating Conor Mcgregor. His thug style and personality attract casual viewers which leads to high PPV numbers.

Chris Weidman also shared his views on the trending boxer/YouTuber. He posted a tweet about Paul having the most punchable face, he did throw a bit of shade to call him out but Paul responded with Weidman’s past losses.

There are a lot of pro athletes that are interested in fighting Jake Paul because of the attention they can get. The fact of the matter is Jake Paul is a big name in social media and he is very good at marketing himself to propel a super money fight.

Even the great Mike Tyson gave credit to Paul after the event, he said that Paul might have saved Boxing because most fans are transitioning to UFC. Paul just called the attention of casual viewers that boxing is still an entertaining sport.

Most would agree that Jake Paul is good for Boxing since it attracts more fans even though he is not a top contender in the sport. Even Floyd Mayweather agreed to fight his brother Logan Paul. That itself shows the star power of the Paul brothers.

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