REPORT: Conor McGregor in Talks For Paulie Malignaggi Grudge Match

By Dazzler

Sensational Reports Have Emerged That Conor McGregor is in Negotiations With Paulie Malignaggi for a Boxing Grudge Match… These Two Really Don’t Like Each Other…

We’re just over a week into 2019 but Conor McGregor has had a busy start to the new year. His whiskey company has expanded rapidly across the world, he’s got a new child (name and gender yet to be revealed), and he’s been very active on social media. The former ‘champ-champ’ appears to be looking for a big money fight as well.

The other day he called out Tenshin Nasukawa. The Japanese kickboxer responded by basically telling that if he could get down to 128lbs, then cool yeah he’d be happy to fight ‘The Notorious’. That would mean McGregor chopping off one of his limbs, so it seems unlikely.

Now though, sensational reports are emerging from credible sources across the internet that the Irishman is in negotiations with Paulie Malignaggi for a boxing match. These two men really dislike each other and this would be a proper grudge match. Do fans really want to see this though?


According to and Boxing Kingdom, negotiations are on-going between McGregor and Malignaggi. ‘The Magic Man’ and McGregor initially crossed paths when Malignaggi was brought in to help the Irishman train for his megafight with Floyd Mayweather.

They fell out after footage was released of McGregor knocking the New York native down in sparring. Malignaggi bitterly protests that he was off-balance and that in the full sparring match he more than held his own against McGregor, despite being out of shape.


Since then, the pair has taken multiple opportunities to call out and humiliate the other. Malignaggi absolutely despises McGregor, while ‘The Notorious’ just seems to enjoy annoying him. Now that the Irishman has a new child and been hit with a number of lawsuits, you can see why a boxing match with a former nemesis would be appealing.

“I’m hearing that @PaulMalignaggi vs @TheNotoriousMMA boxing match is in light discussions. This is most likely Conor and Paul’s Best chance for a long awaited grudge match, and for both to make a little bit more extra cheddar. Like discussions for now. Nothing serious.”


It will be fascinating to see how fans respond to this because let’s be real, these so-called ‘super fights’ are getting a little bit silly now. Floyd Mayweather’s dodgy battering of Tenshin Nasukawa left a sour taste in many people’s mouths. When the fighters start raving about how much money they’re making for a few minutes work, it removes the romance and glamour from the sport.

You can bet that fans would prefer McGregor to take a UFC fight against someone like Max Holloway or Dustin Poirier, with the winner getting a shot at the title. While that’s the most attractive idea from a competitive standpoint, McGregor knows there’s more money to be made in different ways, with boxing way more lucrative than MMA.

At the end of the day, these negotiations are in early stages. But now you’ve been told…