Donald Cerrone Puts Conor McGregor on Full Blast

Donald Cerrone is sick and tired of Conor McGregor… Now he’s sent a blunt message to the former champion…

Everybody loves Donald Cerrone. How could you not? He’s one of the most game fighters in the business, and one of the most entertaining to watch. ‘Cowboy’ is known for being incredibly active, as he takes multiple fights a year, with very short turnaround times.

His next battle is against the ferocious Justin Gaethje, who is renowned for being pure crazy. It’s set to be a fascinating fight with the big question being whether or not Cerrone will be able to handle Gaethje’s pressure and pace.

If he can then bigger things await. Some believe that a match-up with Conor McGregor could await the winner, but Cerrone isn’t holding his breath. In fact, ‘Cowboy’ has a message for the former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion. Let’s just say he doesn’t have much patience for the Irishman.

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Earlier in the year, Cerrone was heavily linked to a clash with the former lightweight champion, but nothing ever came of it. Nobody really knows if McGregor will fight again, so Cerrone isn’t going to rest his hopes fighting ‘The Notorious.’

“Do you think he comes back though?” Cerrone said of McGregor. “I mean, damn, there’s been a lot of talk, a lot of years. To me, chasing that [fight], it’s not even worth it to me anymore. Are you going to come back? Sh*t or get off the pot bro.”

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No Problem

Cerrone also gave his reaction to the newly created BMF title. Jorge Masvidal will take on Nate Diaz for the honorary belt at UFC 244 in Madison Square Garden, New York, this November. It’s one of the most anticipated fights of the year. Furthermore, Cerrone is being a class act about it, as he believes they’re both great fighters. Cerrone said:

“It’s all good man. It is what it is. “Doesn’t do me any good complaining about it. Masvidal and Diaz, they’re both badass dudes, so good for them. That’ll be a fight everyone wants to see.”

You’ve got to respect Cerrone for this mature outlook. Nobody would argue with him fighting for a BMF title either. The man brings it to every single fight he’s in.

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Now in the twilight of his career, it seems like Cerrone has his eye on one last title shot. He had his chance against Tony Ferguson to seal that number one contender spot but fell short. The s set to take on Justin Gaethje in a case of a last-chance saloon.  It didn’t matter much to him before, but now, since the birth of his son Danger, it definitely does.

“There wasn’t really a moment that changed it for me,” he said. “I just thought the last thing to do in my legacy is definitely to earn the title. It sucks to have all these achievements and this great career and not end up with that. It’s something that I need.”

Cerrone will be the underdog against Justin Gaethje, but you better believe that he’s going to give it everything. ‘Cowboy’ doesn’t do halfhearted. It’s all or nothing.

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