With Jon Jones responding to Cormier’s claim that Jones can never be the GOAT because of his failed drug test. He responded with a tweet that Cormier can never be the GOAT as well because he lost his last fight and then retired. Jones posted this via his Twitter account.

Jones started getting sensitive when Khabib Nurmagomedov(Cormier’s teammate)won and retired undefeated. People keep calling him the GOAT and it may have rubbed Jones the wrong way. Jones was the #1 Pound for Pound fighter in the UFC but when Khabib won, he overtook Jones as the #1 P4P.

Cormier’s claims may be seen by the fans as a bit bias because Khabib is his teammate. It is also maybe because he hates Jones personally due to their history and rivalry. The first fight Jones won via decision and the second was a finish but later overturned because of a failed drug test.

This is not his first and last failed drug test. Prior to their rematch, Jones was suspended for clomiphene and letrozole. It was an interim title fight against Ovince Saint Preux. Jones’s performance was not good but he still cruised to a decision win.

After he served his suspension, he was set to face Daniel Cormier for the undisputed title. The fight was even from the early parts but when Jones landed the head kick, it was the beginning of the end of Cormier. A few weeks later, Jones again was stripped of his title once again.

During his rematch with Alexander Gustaffson, Jones tested for a picogram metabolite in his system, the fight had to be moved from Las Vegas, Nevada to Inglewood, California. So it may have played a factor in his fight against Gustaffson.

So Cormier has a right to criticize Jones’s failed drug test because he fought Jones with proven PEDs in his system. It is basically not an even playing field for Cormier. All the physical attributes and talent lean-to Jones yet he still cheated. It is justifiable for Cormier to hate on Jones.


It would also reasonable for Cormier to be on the GOAT argument since he won the light-heavyweight title and heavyweight title simultaneously. Jones has yet to achieve this accomplishment. People might say Cormier was not a real light-heavyweight champion but it was not his fault Jones was stripped and suspended.

Cormier also beat the most accomplished and greatest UFC heavyweight champion which is not an easy task to do. He is also the first fighter to defend titles in two divisions. He was also a former wrestling Olympian and now a current high school wrestling coach.

The best statement for the GOAT argument for me is still George St Pierre. “Being a GOAT is an illusion, there is no such thing as Greatest of All-time”. Fighters come and go, the sport evolves. The GOAT conversation is just something fans want to talk about as it elevates the sport’s popularity and creates a good conversation sometimes.

Jones is expected to fight for the heavyweight maybe next year. He is as of this moment bulking up to prepare his body for the division. If Jones wins the heavyweight title, he may have a stronger case for the GOAT argument. He just needs to focus on training and not the public’s opinions.






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