Mike Perry’s corner will be his pregnant girlfriend and long time friend

Abraham Kawa (Mike Perry’s manager) said that the fighter will have his girlfriend and a long time friend to be in his corner for his fight against Tim Means(It was supposed to be Robbie Lawler). Perry’s last fight against Mikey Gall also had his girlfriend Latory Gonzales in his corner.

In MMA or Boxing, fighters need good cornermen to win big fights. The cornermen’s job is to give advice and throw in the towel if the fighter is taking unnecessary damages. It would be wise if Perry would have gotten experienced cornermen.

A good example would be the first fight of TJ Dillashaw against Cody Garbrandt. In the last seconds of the first round, Garbrandt clipped Dillashaw that knocked him down. Dillashaw was going to his corner wobbling. Duane Ludwig(his coach) advised that he does not need to set up all his strikes(feints). Dillashaw then let his strikes go, which led to the win.

Perry won his fight against Mickey Gall. But Gall is an inexperienced fighter who is just not the same level as Perry. Gall’s best win might be against Sage Northcutt. He had his UFC debut against CM Punk who was really not a professional fighter.

Mike Perry might be one of the funniest fighters in the UFC roster right now but this move is a bit risky. He used to train with one of the best teams in MMA and that is Jackson-Wink MMA Academy.

The famous Jackson-Wink feud was when Perry and Cerrone were scheduled to fight and the trainers didn’t allow Cerrone to train with them as it will complicate the situation inside. Cerrone insisted that they train at different times but the team declined. Cerrone was with the Jackson-Wink long before Perry came in but the team chose the young lion.

There was also a viral incident of Perry’s where he may or may not been drunk at a party with his girlfriend. The couple was ordered to get out of the place to avoid excalations of events. All of a sudden Mike Perry punches an old guy out of nowhere. The old guy was knocked out cold.

These types of incidents are worrying sometimes whether it is psychological or just emotional of the situation. True martial artists should not use their talents for violence. That is not what a professional should do.

Mike Perry is a gifted fighter, he has knockout power with a granite chin. But due to his IQ or head sometimes emotions get the better of them. Having some inexperienced cornermen be in your fights is not an ideal thing to do especially if it is his pregnant girlfriend.

Perry also tried bidding from fighters and fans to be in his cornermen. Darren Till who always had a back and forth with Perry also put his name on the hat. Till offered 5k USD to be in the corner but all of the plans were canceled in the end. It would have been an all-time classic, had Till been in Perry’s corner.



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