Damn, Derrick Lewis really is a savage beast…

Another UFC weekend has passed, and the big news came in the main event. Facing Travis Browne in the UFC Halifax main event, Derrick Lewis wanted to make a big impression. After a thrilling first round, Lewis came out hunting the finish in the second.

Earning a brutal stoppage, Lewis was allowed to land a few extra blows thanks to the referee. Following the event, Mario Yamasaki would receive criticism for letting the fight go on too long.

Lewis Really is a Beast

Unleashing his fury on Browne’s face was apparently not enough for Lewis. During a bizarre post-fight interview, ‘Black Beast’ would enquire about Ronda Rousey’s ‘fine ass.’ This was just the beginning.

Having knocked her boyfriend out cold, Lewis seemed hell bent on mocking Rousey and her fallen man. Here’s a rundown of Derrick Lewis’ brutal onslaught on social media. First off, he posted this, mocking Rousey and Browne’s coach Edmond Tarverdyan:

Lol @as_shopped_as_it_gets_

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Then came the Rousey images, a slew of memes designed to make it look like he was stealing her from Browne:

Lewis Trolling Hard

Does He Really Hate Browne That Much?

Another question-has anyone ever trolled an opponent this much after the fight is finished? Turning his attention back to Browne, Lewis sent out the following meme regarding his late stoppage win over ‘Hapa:’

OK, it’s funny, but when is it going too far? Perhaps Lewis’ belief that Browne is a ‘woman beater’ is leading him in this onslaught. Although the big Hawaiian was never convicted or even charged with any crime, Lewis often brings up the allegations in interviews.

Keep with us as we’ll undoubtedly being you more from Derrick Lewis and his itchy thumbs in the very near future.

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  1. You guys look worse for defending Travis, Travis has known for a long while how people (especially other athletes in the UFC) feel about the allegations/accusations he had a 5 rounds ie 25 minutes to shut up Lewis one of his more out-spoken opposition. He didn’t accomplish that so he can suffer through a fking twitter/instagram meme waterfall. Goodness you guys make him look like an even bigger vaginal stain than beating a woman does. “oh poor mr.browne being bullied cyber-like by some big savage beast oh my word, how will he ever get by???” Like stfu with your social justice warrior stance Salvador.

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