Mayweather fans are having a field day with this one…

Boxing and mixed martial arts seem to have been on a collision course since day one. Although MMA has far surpassed the days of ‘which style’ is better, the obsession remains among fans.

Truly, there haven’t been many crossovers of note either way. Some MMA fighters, including Vitor Belfort and Anderson Silva have gone to pro boxing, but only for a very small handful of low-level fights.

McGregor Flirting With Boxing

Before ‘The Notorious’ it was Ronda Rousey that everyone wanted Floyd Mayweather to fight. Now ‘Rowdy’ is essentially gone, the focus has shifted to the Irish star and current lightweight champion Conor McGregor.

Arguably one of the most dangerous strikers in MMA, fans have been debating on how his style would translate to the squared circle. Against a pure boxer like Mayweather, many feel the Irishman would come unstuck.

McGregor’s Latest Boxing Video (Below) Gets Criticized

Earlier this month Conor McGregor released sparring footage that got a bit of a beating from fans. Now he’s posted a video of him hitting the heavy bag in California, as rumours surrounding Mayweather continue to grow.

Obviously during a time where this boxing match nears reality, McGregor’s boxing skills are being very closely watched. Check out his heavy bag workout, followed by some backlash comments below:

YouTube video

Fan Reactions

One fan commented on the video, saying:

Mayweather has a solid chin. More solid than non boxing fans realize. If mcgregor drops his hands like that in the ring, he’s done. Also, he’s telegraphing his hooks and upper cuts. Mayweather will see that shit coming from a mile away.

Other comments included ridiculing of McGregor’s hand positions, and also the fact he was ducking under the bag, and at times turning his back on the bag. Watching his latest vid, is Conor McGregor going to get worked by ‘Money?’

Mandatory Credit: Per Haljestam-USA TODAY Sports
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  1. “If McGregor drops his hands like that in the ring…”

    Against Mayweather? Mayweather dodges and counter punches. If McGregor stays away, Mayweather isn’t going to chase him. Either way, he moves and changes direction well.

    Anyhow, surely no one was lame enough to suggest that he would try to turn around, duck, and walk through his opponent in the ring.

    And surely no one was lame enough to report something like that as if it was savvy observation by a sage expert in a (let’s be honest) dead sport in the US.

      • Did you watch Mayweather’s last fights?

        If McGregor doesn’t hold his hands in front of his eyes the whole night like two big pillows, what’s he going to lose? Not like Mayweather is going to charge forth.

        • It’s a boxing match, he doesn’t have to charge forth. He wifi never get hit and will hit at will. I’ve boxed and done mma for 20 years.

          • Ok, seeing as you are very experienced, think you can do better than:

            “He will never get hit, and will hit at will”

            As to whether Conor needs to huddle behind his gloves and pray:

            Sounds like the worst strategy ever.

          • of course I wouldn’t do better. mayweather is the best defensive boxer out there right now. again, if it’s boxing, mccregor will never connect with mayweather. If it’s mma, mayweather would never even throw a punch before he would be taken down and submitted or just beat senseless. they are different sports.

          • Wait. Let’s sum up what you’ve just said:

            He is great, he will not be hit…

            Then, you equivocate with some sort of Rock Paper Scissors “respect exchange”: Mayweather beats Conor at boxing, Conor beats Mayweather at MMA, faces saved, yay happy.

            This isn’t rational discourse lol.

            I expect some analysis. Some reasoning. That’s all I’m saying: something objective.

            Meanwhile, we all watched Aldo, Alvarez, etc.: Mcgregor puts them down in clinical exchanges with no blows absorbed. I’m an environment with smaller gloves, faster hands, and more things that can go wrong.

            Doubt Mayweather could do the same–could Mayweather really come in and floor Aldo like that? Doubt it–recall: only punches were used.

            So while Mayweather is a favorite, would like to see something more than just: “oh he is so much better, I know, I’m an expert, end of conversation.”

          • What? Yes, it is absolutely rational. It’s the obvious truth. What isn’t rational about the truth.

          • Um, yea it is. Sorry you don’t get it. Pay attention, boxing and mma are different. Got it? Good.

          • Soccer, and basketball: now those are different.

            But let’s take soccer. Imagine two versions of soccer: in one, you have to wear heavy shoes, but you can only use your feet and legs–no chest balls, no headers; you can’t so much as touch another player with your hands.

            And the other is just the normal version. Wear whatever you want, control the ball with any surface other than your hands, etc.

            Boxing is to MMA as the first version of soccer is to the regular version.

            It is not, as you might argue, what basketball is to football. Or downhill skiing.

            So I really don’t see your point.

          • Point of fact: McGregor shifted from boxing to MMA.

            Doesn’t sound that different, let’s be honest here.

  2. Love how all these boxers keep challenging MMA fighters to fight. But not to really fight! To box with pillows on your hands. Hey when does anyone ever get in a street fight and say “let’s only box”? Boxers are 1 dimensional

    • you’ve obviously never boxed in a top tier gym, I believe tony asked for the couture fight, moreover, the first words out of couture’s mouth regarding a match with toney in a boxing ring, he said hell no…but, you’re right pillows on your hands. guarantee you wouldn’t last a round with a tier 3 boxer in your weight class…

      • um, he never said he would, he said boxers will only box mma fighters, they don’t want to play by mma rules.

        • then why challenge a “boxer” to a “boxing match.” Floyd didn’t seek connor out, it was the other way around, to use his name for a much larger payday than he could get doing an MMA fight. The only reason Toney challenged Couture, was because he was broke and needed a payday… And if I am not mistaken, Toney did follow MMA rules and it didn’t pan out very well. Just like if Couture boxed toney, he would get crushed, plain and simple…

    • Ok first of all maybe you should really check your facts before you start just saying stuff , McGregor & Rhonda called out Mayweather, he makes over 30 million a damn fight why in the hell would you even think he called them out ?

  3. I predict the McGregor will continually take Mayweather down and make him look foolish until they stop the fight.

  4. LOL…to boxers ducking under the bag coming up the other side looks ridiculous… and it is. Mayweather will end this fight violently at the time of his choosing… because it’s a boxing match and McGregor is not much of a boxer.

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