Derrick Lewis Sends Strange Message To Ronda Rousey

Derrick Lewis is still trolling Ronda Rousey…

After beating the brakes off Travis Browne at UFC Halifax, Derrick Lewis cemented himself as a potential title contender. Himself once a promising prospect, Browne’s loss to Lewis further showed his decline.

Many would argue since joining coach Edmond, ‘Hapa’ has been pretty much flat. Lewis didn’t shy away from slating Browne before and after the fight, but it wasn’t Edmond that ‘Black Beast’ was talking about.

Lewis Obsessed With Ronda Rousey

During his post-fight interview in Halifax, Lewis asked where ‘Ronda’s fine ass’ was at. Known for his bizarre interviews, Lewis’ Ronda snark was cut from the official UFC Youtube channel. He was far from finished, though.

Taking to social media, Lewis unleashed a slew of erotically themed photos about Browne’s girlfriend. The former women’s bantamweight champion was suddenly the theme of Lewis’ darkest desires, apparently.

Lewis’ Onslaught Continues In Latest Video

Sharing an intense rivalry with Browne is one thing, but mocking him relentlessly for weeks afterwards? There are some who think ‘Black Beast’ has taken this too far. Still, not bothered by these coments, Lewis continues.

Today Lewis released a somewhat strange video of himself on Instagram. Sat in a cryo bath, Lewis urges Rousey to ‘stay out’ of his inbox:


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Perhaps Lewis is so hell bent on this subject because of the domestic abuse allegations previously brought against ‘Hapa.’ Although Browne was never prosecuted, in fact a private investigator from the UFC found no evidence, Lewis mentioned this many times.

Where Rousey comes in to this matter is unknown. Maybe Lewis feels he can get at Browne like this, or perhaps he has other issues with ‘Rowdy.’ Either way, ‘Black Beast’ can’t seem to leave this one alone.

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