GSP Has Plans Beyond Michael Bisping…

Georges St. Pierre isn’t returning just to earn a few big pay days, he has plans to do something historical. The 35 year-old former welterweight champion sat down with the Canadian Press earlier today and made it clear he has big intentions.

Skeptics point to his 3.5 year layoff as reason to believe he may not be successful in his return. Sentiment from GSP’s camp runs counter to this however.

Georges commented on what he feels he needs to do for a successful return to the sport.

“It’s going to have to be a different Georges St-Pierre — a more opportunistic Georges St-Pierre, more powerful, better, with new tools, less hesitation, less thinking, more intuition and better reaction. And that’s what I expect you to see.”

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GSP vs. Michael Bisping at 185lbs

George St. Pierre walks around at around 190lbs. Bisping has been known to cut down from as much as 209lbs. Some believe GSP just isn’t big enough to compete in the middleweight division. Furthering these concerns is his refusal to put on more weight, though that decision may have more to do with his plans for after his bout with Bisping.

Many consider Bisping to be the most beatable champion the division has had, certainly in the post-Anderson Silva title reign era. While Bisping is the champion, it is hard to see him as a bigger challenge than facing a Yoel Romero or Jacare Souza. More importantly for GSP however, is that beating Bisping would allow him to chase another goal afterwards, one that no other fighter has ever accomplished.

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GSP: Champion in 3 Weight Divisions?

Georges St. Pierre feels he is in his athletic prime. At 35 years old, and with a body which has been allowed to heal, he might be right. Which is why he told the press he has bold ambitions for his return.

“I’m coming back to make history, to make a big boom,” he told the press “”I don’t have time to waste.”

What could Georges do to make history? He’s already been champion, already cleaned out a division, so what could he do to top that? Many believe that after the Bisping fight, GSP will drop down to 155lbs to challenge Conor. If successful in both bouts, it would make GSP the first ever fighter to win championships in 3 different weight divisions, 2 of them he would hold simutaneously. That’s history, that is a “big boom”.

It would also explain why he doesn’t plan to put on weight despite moving up a division.

Can GSP Make 155lbs?

When Dana White announced GSP’s return he mentioned that a fight in the lightweight division was not off the table:

“Georges has also talked about fighting at 155 pounds (lightweight). He says he can make the weight.”

This summer GSP called into the MMA Hour and explained he could cut weight for a potential lightweight bout:

“If I wanted to, I could fight at lightweight as well. Easy. Easy,”

He continued:

“I walk around 187 (pounds). I’m 186, 187 when I wake up in the morning, and I could easily make it (with) a diet, because a lot of lightweights are bigger than me. Welterweight, I don’t even talk about it because most of them are bigger than me, of course, and middleweight, they’re much bigger than me. But it’s not really about size. It’s about skills.”

If this is GSP’s goal it should make for an exciting next year in MMA.


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