A Pair Of UFC Fans Face Charges After Drunken Assault on Public Officials at a Perth Train Station… 

Australian MMA fans have proven to be a mad bunch. UFC 221 turned into one of those events that had few big names but some very entertaining fights. The event took place at the Perth Arena, in Perth, Western Australia, where the promotion was making its regional debut.

On their way home from the arena, a pair of fans were obviously feeling inspired by what they had seen. Possibly liquid courage made them think that they were Yoel Romero’s doppelgangers because they allegedly attacked a transit officer.

Mandatory Credit: Stewart Allen, USA TODAY Sports.

Loud and Abusive

According to Perthnow.com, Police allege that the men were under the influence of alcohol, causing them to be loud and abusive, as they left the arena. Naturally, they were asked by transit officers to behave in a more respectful manner. When they didn’t, they were requested to leave the train they were on at the next station.

Allegedly they didn’t like this. A fight kicked off between the two men and officers after they were forced off at the very Australian-named Bull Creek Station. Maybe one of the men has been watching a lot of Israel Adesanya, because he allegedly head-kicked a Perth PT employee, leaving the man unconscious.

Obviously, you can’t go around kicking public officials in the head. The two men – aged 20 and 25 – face several charges including assaulting a public officer, endangering the life, health and safety of a person, and escaping lawful custody. If you want to hit someone just join a Muay Thai class!

Victims Hospitalized

The alleged victim, who was knocked unconscious, spent a night in hospital after he suffered concussion, swelling, and bruises on the neck. Meanwhile, a second officer experienced also experienced swelling and bruises to his face and was forced to take blood tests after one of the alleged attackers spat on him.

Australia is clearly a mad place. Full-strength alcohol is available from 6.30am Australian time. However, most Ozzies know their limits and just want to have a good time. Only three fans were ejected from Perth Arena, out of 12000. One of the highlights of the night involved alcohol when heavyweight starlet Tai ‘Bam Bam’ Tuivasa drank a beer from a fan’s shoe, after winning his fight against Cyril Asker.

Luke Rockhold is knocked out cold by Yoel Romero. Mandatory Credit: YouTube.

Great Fights

On the night itself, there were some excellent fights and highlight reel moments. Tyson Pedro got a wonderful kimura submission over Jon Anik. Fans were treated to a slugfest in the fight of the night between Jake Matthews and Li Jiangliang. A highly touted prospect in Israel Adesanya made his octagon debut.

In the main event, the No. 1 middleweight contender Yoel Romero knocked his No. 2 compatriot Luke Rockhold into oblivious with a left hand from Hell. The fight was initially meant to be for the UFC interim middleweight title, however, after Romero missed weight only Rockhold was eligible to win it. He didn’t and the UFC is back where it started.

All in all, it was a mixed night for the UFC’s debut in Western Australia. Yes, the fighters delivered for the most part, but pay-per-view buys were very poor because of a lack of star power on the card. It felt more like a ‘Fight Night’ than an actual numbered event.

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