Ex-UFC Fighter Makes Shocking Steroid Accusations During Podcast

By Salvador Sanchez
Ex-UFC Fighter Makes Shocking Steroid Accusations During Podcast

After blasting UFC president Dana White during the week, the subject turned to steroids in the UFC, and no one was safe…

Mixed martial arts is much like any other sport on the market right now in many ways. Of course there are few activities which promote such full contact combat as MMA, but we’re talking in terms of the greater picture, more specifically cheating.

PED or performance enhancing drugs, steroids, and the like have been rampant in the sport for years, and the biggest promotion has been plagued by this particular method of bad sportsmanship.

Yoel Romero, the number one contender at middleweight, was the latest in a long line of high profile UFC fighters to get busted for steroid use. Others include Anderson Silva, Chael Sonnen, Vitor Belfort, to name a few.

Some ex-fighters have gone as far t say they know that at least 90% of UFC fighters take some sort of performance enhancing substances. The line of huge test fails are no co incidence, they come under the new and more strict USADA (United States Anti Doping Agency) regime adopted by the UFC.

So what’s with the subject of today’s article?

That’s an image of former UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis (left) before the USADA testing was introduced and (right) in his most recent fight with Eddie Alvarez on January 17. He is at the crux of a very controversial set of accusations.

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