Scumbag Awards 2016: Dirtiest Cheaters In the History Of MMA

When it comes to generally being a dirty, underhanded cheater in the world of MMA, these guys were voted as the worst of all-time…

Welcome to the SD Scumbag Awards 2016! This time we opened the voting polls for the dirtiest cheaters in the history of the world’s largest mixed martial arts promotions, the UFC mainly though. To date, this has been our most heavily interactive poll.

The subject matter is a very touchy topic when you think about it. Two people, masters of unarmed combat, locked in a cage together, and someone has taken steroids, or cheats during the fight, or perhaps it’s something even more sinister.

In the recent years, we’ve truly seen it all. So without further ado, here’s the nominees, followed by the voting results and winner of the Scumbag Awards 2016: Dirtiest MMA┬áCheaters….


Nominee #1: Rousimar Palhares

An obvious nominee for such an award, Brazilian grappler Rousimar Palhares has been one of the sport’s most notorious cheaters for years. After having elevated testosterone levels, holding on to submissions for far too long and being unapologetic for injuring numerous UFC fighters, he was cut by the world’s largest MMA promotion.

Finding his way to the World Series of Fighting, it wasn’t long before ‘Toquinho’ submitted his way to the organization’s welterweight title. The worst, by far, was still yet to come for the controversial ex-UFC fighter.

At WSOF 22 in August of 2015, Palhares took on Jake Shields in the second defense of his 170-pound title. Palhares gouged Shields’ eyes to a bloody mess, and cranked the fight ending submission for way too long yet again.

Refusing to say sorry yet again, Palhares was stripped of the belt, banned from competition for two years, fined $40K and relegated to the dark shadows of this slot as nominee for biggest cheater in UFC history.

The results of Palhares finger work at WSOF 22:


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