Colby Covington Has Been Stripped of His Pointless Interim Title… Now Darren Till Will Fight Tyron Woodley… Now Fans Are Furious… 

Believe it or not, a lot of fans are actually feeling sorry for Colby Covington. It truly must be the end of days. ‘Chaos,’ who is possibly the loudest and most controversial figure on the roster, has been stripped of his interim welterweight title. Now Darren Till has been handed the chance to fight the real champion, Tyron Woodley.

There are so many things wrong with this situation that fans have actually taken Covington’s side. Is he likable? No of course not. But from a competitive sporting perspective, it’s absolutely ridiculous that the UFC has stripped him.

Now it’s expected that he’ll fight Kamaru Usman instead. Twitter has reacted to this turn of affairs and there’s been a lot of anger directed at the head honchos of the UFC. It’s time for them to take the fans seriously.


Covington and Woodley were expected to fight on September 8. However, ‘Chaos’ is due to undergo nasal surgery and will not be fit to fight before November. This is too long for the UFC. Bear in mind that Woodley has been out of action for a year. He hasn’t fought since beating Damian Maia in July 2017.

It’s very harsh on Covington and makes you wonder what’s the point of interim titles if they don’t mean anything? This is the second time they’ve literally just taken it away from a fighter, with Tony Ferguson similarly harshly treated. He’s only been the interim champion for six weeks. That’s ridiculous.

Till Time

The UFC has left itself open to even more criticism as Darren Till is set to fight Woodley instead. Till is a great personality and decent fighter, but he missed weight in his last fight against Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson. Should he really be rewarded for that? Could the UFC not just wait an extra month or two for Covington to get fit again?

It’s very shortsighted by the promotion. They’ve done their best to shove Covington down the throats of fans, heavily promoting him. Now we’ve had to listen to it all for nothing. Time will tell to see if this bites the UFC where it hurts. Fans aren’t happy because it’s so transparent that the company is desperate for pay-per-views.

Not Happy

Fighters are starting to react to this as well. Brian Ortega received a lot of criticism for refusing to take an interim title fight after Max Holloway dropped out of their title fight a couple of weeks ago. Now it suddenly makes sense because there is literally no value to them.

With drug cheats like Brock Lesnar being handed title shots, interim titles coming and going and increasing numbers of fighters dropping off to Bellator, the UFC has to be very careful about its next few moves. With the new ESPN deal on the way, it’s time for them to decide what direction they’re going. And to take the fans seriously, because for real, this isn’t making them happy.

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