Five Fake Martial Arts Exposed By MMA Fighters

By Gentleman Jeff
Five Fake Martial Arts Exposed By MMA Fighters

It’s amazing how many martial arts existed for hundreds of years without being called out for being ineffective. These fighting systems simply flew under the radar as practitioners only ever faced off with one another.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

That’s what made the pioneer days of MMA so unique. For hundreds of years the best combat athletes on the planet were competing only against their own disciplines. Fighting systems can’t evolve that way, and eventually you end up with something no longer based on reality. The early UFCs pitted style vs. style however, so we finally could determine which martial arts are the best.

Thanks to a combination of MMA and the internet we now know which martial arts are able to win fights, and which ones are nonsense. In other words, you won’t find many contributions to the world of MMA coming from the martial arts listed in this article.

Whether the developers of these systems were ignorant, delusional, or just plain dishonest, nothing useful has come from the following 5 fighting styles:

5. Akido

Akido sounds like a very polite martial art. It’s all about neutralizing an attacker without causing injury to them. That’s adorable. The problem is the lack of realism involved in the discipline.

In demonstration videos, attackers are generally of the least effective variety, willingly going along with the Akido master and offering no resistance. Akido only works when you are demonstrating it, that is to say it doesn’t work at all.

In 1967, a branch of Akido was formed which placed greater emphasis on sparring and competition. Shodokan Akido holds World Championship events every other year. When matched up against other styles however, Shodokan Akido doesn’t measure up either.

In a real fight, Akido won’t accomplish much, unless your attacker also happens to be an Akido practitioner, then you might have a shot.