There is a groundswell of people in Toronto, host city of UFC 206, threatening to boycott the event if GSP isn’t either added to the card or released from his contract.


If Georges St. Pierre does become free of his contractual obligations to the UFC, Bellator is a likely place for him to end up. In fact, Bellator is a company with a lot of momentum behind them at the moment. The company has been able to erase people’s memories of Kimbo vs. Dada5000 by signing some legit top fighters recently, such as Rory MacDonald. They also have some of the hottest prospects in the sport, such as Michael Page. A name like GSP could allow Bellator to cross an important threshold of credibility amongst casual fans.

Whether it is in the UFC, Bellator, World Series of Fighting or anywhere else, most MMA fans are hoping for a GSP return shortly. If Bellator is where he ends up however, here are the top 5 fights he could take..


5. Paul Daley

You might best remember Paul Daley as the guy who sucker-punched Josh Koscheck at UFC 113. In Daley’s defence, Kos was the king of the “lay and pray” technique, which was frustrating to fans and opponents alike. Kos had executed this plan successfully all fight against Daley, and at the end of the fight Daley just couldn’t let it go. Not saying that he was right to do it, just providing some context.

Daley was fired from the UFC, despite having previously won his last 4 fights. White said he would never be back in the UFC, and so far he hasn’t, though he did fight for Strikeforce while it was under Zuffa ownership.

In Bellator, Daley had won his first 4 fights, though he just dropped his latest bout to former welterweight champion Douglas Lima via decision.

A fight with Daley could be a good first bout for GSP to take in Bellator, building him up for an eventual welterweight title opportunity.

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