Video: Dominick Cruz Gives Hilarious Statement To TJ Dillashaw

By Salvador Sanchez
Video: Dominick Cruz Gives Hilarious Statement To TJ Dillashaw

Newly crowned UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz showed the beef isn’t over, as he OWNED TJ Dillashaw in yet more trash talk, and this was after the fight…

The UFC Fight Night 81 main event featured a close five round war between TJ Dillashaw and Dominick Cruz. TJ was hoping to make the third successful defense of the title, as he had previously stomped Renan Barao and Joe Soto to keep the strap.

Facing the original undisputed king of the bantamweights in Dominick Cruz, ‘The Viper’ just couldn’t get his rhythm. Eventually losing by split decision, it was a short but sweet reign for Dillashaw as champion.

Cruz barely even needed to keep his eye open during the fight…

So back as the new champion is Dominick Cruz, but it wasn’t as clean cut as the above picture would sugest. In fact, it was a highly debated split decision with many, including the former champion, feeling the judges got it wrong.

Se the highlight video here:

With all the pre-fight trash talk between Dominick Cruz and TJ Dillashaw, it won’t surprise you to learn they were still arguing at the post fight press conference.

In fact, the two provided the most memorable moment from the entire rivalry during the presser. Odd, considering they’ve fought now, and usually the post fight moments are more about reflection and looking forward to one’s next fight.

If you thought you’d seen the best of Cruz and Dillashaw beefing, think again. The best part of it is how someone edited the moment in to a thug life clip.

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