MMA Mathematics

If you are a fan of MMA mathematics then you already know who is going to win this fight, and that fighter’s name is Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson.

In this case the MMA math is very simple to do; Thompson and Woodley have one opponent in common, “the Red King” Rory MacDonald. ┬áThompson defeated MacDonald by keeping the distance he wanted and scoring with his superior kickboxing. Rory couldn’t get near him and considering it was the last fight on his UFC contract, it will end up costing him quite a bit of money. Woodley on the other hand lost a unanimous decision to MacDonald at UFC 174. Each fight was a main event, and each went 5 rounds.

Their one mutual opponent provides the best opportunity to compare the two fighters ability, and in this case its pretty clear cut who comes out looking better.

YouTube video

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