Stephen Thompson is the Best Welterweight in the World

Let’s make this perfectly simple, Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson is the best active welterweight in the world. In his last 3 fights Thompson has made Rory MacDonald, Johny Hendricks, and Jake Ellenburger all look like they didn’t belong in the league as him. In the case of Hendricks and Ellenburger, he KO’ed both of them in the first round, and with Rory he controlled the fight conclusively throughout. These weren’t back and forth wars that could have gone either way, Thompson was conclusively the better fighter in each of those 3 fights.

The only person who stands a chance at stopping Wonderboy is a returning Georges St. Pierre, and only if GSP’s head is in the game. Tyron Woodley is a step below both fighters and is probably only a few months away from being a “one and done” champion.

YouTube video

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